Friday, December 4, 2009

5 Things Tag

Okay, Janice, so here it is!! You tagged me and I finally got around to posting this!

5 Things I was Doing 10 years Ago:

~Getting ready for my first-born's, Jacob, first Christmas! He was 10 months old.

~Running up ridiculously high phone bills calling my best friend, Kelly when she lived in Delaware with her first husband.

~Hanging out with Julie all the time! Loved those "fajita dinners" followed up with "Kahlua brownies"!

~Struggling to make ends meet with a young family.

~Praying every time I went out to start my 1987 Chevy sedan that it would start! We always had some sort of car troubles!

5 Things On My To-Do List Today:

~Finish dinner...sweet taters are baking in the oven :)

~Do more laundry...I swear it NEVER ends!

~Get the kids from the bus stop and help them with homework.

~Help Hannah fill out "thank you" notes for her birthday presents. I am such a stickler for those!

~Relax and enjoy the fact that I finally feel a little better. Vertigo bites!

5 Snacks I Love:

~Peanut M&Ms with a Wild Cherry Pepsi

~Peanut Butter Nabs

~Cheez-its/Goldfish (I am such a mom!)

~Bag of salted peanuts with a glass of Coke

~pretty much anything sweet!

5 Jobs I’ve Had:

~Student assistant to the Dean at CNU

~Student assistant in the Registrar's office at CNU

~Office clerk at a PCP's office


~last but not least, a Mommy!

5 People I Tag: (That I know will respond)

~Janice (better, LOL!)