Friday, December 4, 2009

5 Things Tag

Okay, Janice, so here it is!! You tagged me and I finally got around to posting this!

5 Things I was Doing 10 years Ago:

~Getting ready for my first-born's, Jacob, first Christmas! He was 10 months old.

~Running up ridiculously high phone bills calling my best friend, Kelly when she lived in Delaware with her first husband.

~Hanging out with Julie all the time! Loved those "fajita dinners" followed up with "Kahlua brownies"!

~Struggling to make ends meet with a young family.

~Praying every time I went out to start my 1987 Chevy sedan that it would start! We always had some sort of car troubles!

5 Things On My To-Do List Today:

~Finish dinner...sweet taters are baking in the oven :)

~Do more laundry...I swear it NEVER ends!

~Get the kids from the bus stop and help them with homework.

~Help Hannah fill out "thank you" notes for her birthday presents. I am such a stickler for those!

~Relax and enjoy the fact that I finally feel a little better. Vertigo bites!

5 Snacks I Love:

~Peanut M&Ms with a Wild Cherry Pepsi

~Peanut Butter Nabs

~Cheez-its/Goldfish (I am such a mom!)

~Bag of salted peanuts with a glass of Coke

~pretty much anything sweet!

5 Jobs I’ve Had:

~Student assistant to the Dean at CNU

~Student assistant in the Registrar's office at CNU

~Office clerk at a PCP's office


~last but not least, a Mommy!

5 People I Tag: (That I know will respond)

~Janice (better, LOL!)




Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First day of School

So it's the day after Labor Day, which means it's also the first day of school. Jacob started the 5th grade today and Hannah started Kindergarten. I can't believe the "nest" is empty!!! I could not be more crazy over the two of them than I already am! Hannah was very eager to get to school and very excited. I was a little less eager to see both of my babies off. I am, however, thankful that they are both perfectly normal and healthy children that are able to go to school and grow up. While walking Hannah across the street, hand in hand, to the school bus, she looked up at me and said "Now, Momma, you have a good day, okay?" Needless to say, my heart melted just like it did the first time I ever laid eyes on the both of them. This "momma job" is tough!

Monday, July 20, 2009

"Who Let the Dogs Out?"

So Kelly's daughter, Chrissy, asked if I would make her birthday cake. I was happy to do it and asked her what theme she wanted. She told me she wanted a "Hotel for Dogs" movie cake. I was stumped! I could not find an idea anywhere that I could copy. Luckily, I found "dog" party supplies at the Dollar Tree and decided to copy those for the cake. Here's what I came up with!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sweet Beach

So here's my theory: if you can't get away to a tropical beach paradise--bake one instead!! We celebrated my Mom's 57th birthday today with a "luau theme", complete with a beach cake that I made and decorated. Mom loved it and hated to have to cut it but that's the best part of a cake-tasting it!! Not surprising that this evening's celebration was not without a "blond moment". When I went to light the flip-flop candles, I set the paper umbrella on fire!! Leave it to me!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

"Sweet Weekend"

What a "sweet" weekend this has been despite the fact that Larry had to work both days. Yesterday, we celebrated Kelly's oldest daughter's birthday. Nikki, who will be 12 next Saturday, had a "Hannah Montana" party. As part of her gift, I made her cake which was an electric guitar. All the girls loved it!

We ended the weekend with our Father's Day celebration. Lunch was paninis followed by a "hamburger" cake made with the men in mind! Cake, two days in a row, what was I thinking?! The kids will be on a sugar high for a week!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

ABC's of me!

(idea stolen from Janice's blog!!)skip to main skip to sidebar

A• Are you available? Nope, been married for over 10 years!

What is your age? 30

What annoys you? Way too many things to name in one post...I'm too anal for my own good!

B• Do you know anyone named Billy?Yes

When is your birthday? January 4th

Who is your best friend? Kelly...we've know each other since ninth grade...she's knows enough about me to write a "tell all" book!!

C. What's your favorite candy? Peanut M&Ms

Crush? John Mayer!!

When was the last time you cried? a few weeks ago

D• Do you daydream? probably more than I should!

What's your favorite kind of dog? Yorkie

What day of the week is it? Tuesday

E• How do you like your eggs? sometimes scrambled, sometimes fried

Have you ever been in the emergency room? yes

Ever pet an elephant? yes, at the Carson & Barnes 5 Ring Circus. It came to Smithfield when I was younger and my grandfather took me after school.

F• Do you use fly swatters? Don't even own one!

Have you ever used a foghorn? No

Is there a fan in your room? yes, two ceiling fans

G• Do you chew gum?Not gets my jaw out of whack!

Do you like gummy candies? yep

Do you like gory movies?not at all!

H• How are you? just fine

What's your height? 5' 4"

What color is your hair?dirty blond

I• What's your favorite ice cream?that's a toss up between chocolate and mint chocolate chip

Have you ever ice skated?yes but not very graceful!

Ever been in an igloo? no

J• What's your favorite Jelly Bean? love the black ones

• Have you ever heard a really hilarious joke?of course

Do you wear jewelry?rings and earrings usually

K• Who do you want to kill?can't think of anyone in particular right now...check back later!

Have you ever flown a kite?when I was younger

Do you think kangaroos are cute?yes, especially the babies!

L• Are you laid back?not usually...I'm always worrying about something!

Lions or Tigers? Simba!!

Do you like black licorice?yep, see "jelly bean" answer!

M• Favorite movie as a kid?can't remember one in particular

Ever shopped at Moosejaw?can't say that I have

Favorite store at the mall?HALLMARK!! I'm such a dork!

N• Do you have a nickname?"B" and Scooter

What’s your favorite number? 5

Do you prefer night or day?day

O• What's your one wish? if I tell it won't come true!!

Are you an only child? Nope

Do you like the color orange?depends on the shade

P• What are you most paranoid about?I'm paranoid about way too many things!! I should probably be paranoid about getting a ulcer the way I worry!

Piercings? ears only

Do you know anyone named Penelope? no

Q• Are you quick to judge people?way too quick

Do you like Quaker Oats? only in oatmeal cookies!!

Know anyone that makes quilts? my mom

R• Do you think you're always right?did my husband put you up to this?!

Do you watch reality TV? sometimes

Reason to cry?not at the moment

S• Do you prefer sun or rain? the sun but not hot tepts

Do you like snow?just a little

What's your favorite season?fall

What time did you wake up? 7:05 am

U• Can you ride a unicycle? I do good just walking!

Do you know anyone with a unibrow?nope

Uncles do you have? 4

V• What’s the worst vegetable?butter beans

Did you ever watch Veggie Tales?Yep, with the kids

Ever considered being vegan?not at all

What's your worst habit?Worrying!

Do you like water rides?totally!

Ever been inside a windmill?nope

X• Have you ever had an x-ray?yep

Ever used a Xerox machine? yep

Y• Do you like the color yellow?Love it! Yellow makes me think of Hannah!

What year were you born in?1979

Do you yell when you're angry? yep

Z• Do you believe in the zodiac?not really

What's your zodiac sign? Capricorn

When was the last time you went to the zoo?April

Friday, June 5, 2009

Mid-Week Vacation

To say that the Smith family has been a little restless in Smithfield lately would be an understatement! We have desperately been looking for some place to go and something to do without breaking the bank. Lucky for us, we found a great deal for Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg through Larry's employee discount program at work. Reservations were made and off we went. We only stayed one night but we packed a lot into our time there! The kids had a blast and so did their parents!!! I can not say enough great things about the Lodge and we look forward to returning soon! Enjoy the pictures!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pomp & Circumstance...and cupcakes, too!!

So tonight is Hannah's graduation from Trinity UMC Pre-School! I can not believe her school year is already over! She is looking forward to kindergarten; it will be here before you know it! For tonight's celebration, I was in charge of the "nut-free" dessert. Hannah picked out the cutest cupcake decorations at the cake store. Too cute!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Remember me

Tonight, while I was giving Hannah a bath, she looked at me and with the sweetest look on her face, asked "Mommy, will you ever forget me?" Quickly and without even thinking, I said, "Hannah, I will never, ever forget you." Then, while washing the shampoo out of her hair, I thought about my grandmother, who has already forgotten her children. I panicked thinking, I had spoken too quickly, maybe I would one day develop Alzheimer's and would forget my children. I can not imagine a worse fate.

Once Hannah was out and getting dressed, I got a phone call from a family friend who is helping out with a fundraiser that is organized by my brother and me to benefit the Alzheimer's Association. I do whatever I can so that I can help those who currently have the disease but equally as important, I raise money that supports ongoing research so that one day the dream of a world without Alzheimer's will be realized. Please do your part and support the Alzheimer's Association so that I can keep my promise to Hannah.

Log onto to find out what you can do.

Monday, May 11, 2009

"MISSING: Teeth & Training Wheels"

Yesterday was quite an eventful Mother's Day! Hannah lost her first tooth! We had just realized on Saturday that it was even loose. Hannah could not keep her fingers out of her mouth all day! So, her daddy took her into the bathroom and pulled it out! She was very excited about the upcoming visit from the tooth fairy. Sure enough, this morning she discovered $5.00 in the tooth fairy pillow. Wow, inflation!!
Hannah also lost her training wheels on her bike yesterday. Her best friend at Pre-School recently learned how to ride a two-wheeler and Hannah has been dying to learn. We took the kids bikes over to grandma's house where they have plenty of room to ride. The training wheels were removed and the riding lessons began! Thank goodness for my husband because he has such patience for things like that, unlike me!! While Hannah was practicing, Jacob was riding circles around her! She'll keep up with him all to soon!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

What better day than Mother's Day to write another "sweet" post! For Mother's Day, I decided to make a "bonnet" cake for our dessert since it is one of my mom's favorites. It will be a perfect ending to our panini (my wonderful hubby and two fabulous kids, gave me the panini press that I have been admiring for weeks!!) lunch. Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Latest Cake Creation

Our Coastie friends who are now stationed in Alaska, are in VA this week visiting. Last night, we were so excited to be able to have them over for dinner. Their daughter, Anna, is one of Hannah's best friends. She will celebrate her 5th birthday next Tuesday. Since we won't be able to be with them for her birthday, I made her a birthday cake for our dessert. Anna loves the Disney Princesses, especially, Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Good cake with great friends, what more could anyone want?!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Have you tried M&Ms?"

In explanation of this latest post's title, let me start with Monday. Hannah had surgery on her eyes on Monday morning to further correct her eye misalignment. The surgery went great and Hannah did well despite some mild nausea afterward...that is until we had to start with the dreaded eye drops! Hannah's discharge instructions explain that she must use steroidal-antibiotic eye drops, one drop in each eye twice a day for 10 days. The drops are to help prevent infection and to reduce the swelling and redness. Her doctor explained to us, while Hannah was in the recovery room, that right after the surgery, he had administered the first dose of eye drops. Great! One less thing for us to worry about that morning. Fast forward to Monday night. It's time for bed and Hannah's second dose of eye drops. It was a bad situation to say the least. Did I mention Hannah LOATHES eye drops?! Larry and I fought with her. In the process, I threw out all kinds of bribes that after about 30 minutes turned into threats! We tried and tried to explain that her eyes may become infected if she doesn't use the drops and that they will hurt if that happens. After much pleading, she finally laid down while we administered the drops. Yesterday morning, was much better. When I first mentioned that it was time for her drops, she cried a little but laid her head in my lap to have them. I thought to myself, "Okay, we're doing great. This is going to get easier and easier." Needless to say, my judgment was rushed! Last night, I grabbed the eye drops and told her it was time. That's about the time when she started with her live performance of "The Exorcist". After her antics, I'm just amazed that I didn't have to clean up spewed pea soup! Although, that would have been more pleasant than what we witnessed. After two hours, we gave up and put her to bed. Poor Jacob is probably traumatized for life having witnessed Hannah's meltdown! He even tried to get her to calm down and cooperate with no success. I was very nervous about having to give her the drops this morning by myself.
After breakfast, I told her it was time for drops. The first eye went great but she squirmed, cried, and covered the second eye. After about 10 minutes, I put her in time out telling her that she could get up when she was ready to have the second eye done. While she was in time out, the phone rang. On the other end was one of the nurses who helped take care of her on Monday. She was calling to check in on Hannah. I explained the troubles we are having with the eye drops. Her response was, "Have you tried M&Ms?" Lady, I have tried everything but crack and a trip to DisneyWorld!!! No, I didn't say that to her but I did almost laugh in her ear. She did have some suggestions. Warm up the bottle of drops in my hands first and give her tylenol about an hour prior to giving the drops in case she is experiencing some discomfort. When I hung up the phone, Hannah announced that she was ready to get up and have the second drop. She laid her head in my lap and cooperated like a trooper. Afterwards, she jumped up and asked if she could play with her Play-Doh. Before this is over, I may need some BP Rx! Wish me luck for tonight's round!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Barbie Bribery and other weapons mothers use!!

So between today and tomorrow, my "HannahBanana", has two doctor's appts. This afternoon she has an appt. with her pediatrician for her 5 year old checkup and clearance for her eye surgery next month. If I remember correctly, today's visit will require at least one shot and lucky for me, a "pee in the cup test"! Tomorrow morning, we head back to the eye doctor so that she can have her eyes dilated once more before her surgery takes place. Hannie is NOT a fan of having 5 different eye drops in each eye that make it even harder for her to see the rest of the day.
So, as of now, I'm weighing my bribery options available to mothers like me!! So far, I have considered a new Barbie for today's trauma and maybe a trip to "Chick -a-Lay-Lay" (Hannah's name for Chick-fil-A!!) after the appt. tomorrow. I do need to tread lightly though or else I risk uping the ante for her surgery next month. As of now, she has agreed to cooperate with the surgery if balloons and pizza are provided. A mighty fair request if you ask me!!
Oh, the tools mothers will employ to keep their children smiling! Truth be told, if I could, I would gladly have the shots myself, pee in the cup (talk about a cup runneth over!!), walk around with those silly sunglasses covering my dilated eyes, and have the surgery on my eyes if it would spare my little "HannahBanana".

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Having a ball!!

So I figured it was time for another one of my "sugar posts"!! Last Thursday, my youngest niece, Dani, celebrated her 8th birthday. Her birthday party was held yesterday. I offered to make her cake and she requested a soccer ball cake. I made the cupcakes for the kids, complete with soccer ball candles or soccer ball rings. Everything was delicious!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunday, March 1, 2009

"The Shack"

Alright, enough posts regarding my latest creation with sugar!! Now for a more serious topic. I just finished reading "The Shack". For a while, I had been hearing different people talk about this book, it has even been a topic of discussion on several television programs. I must admit that I was drawn to read it just to see what all the hype is about. My Mom was hearing all of the buzz and broke down and bought the book with the idea that I would read it first and then pass it on to her. Since then, the list of people who we are going to pass our copy along to has grown.
First and foremost, I can not divulge too much about the plot as it would ruin it for anyone who would like to experience the book for themselves. I will say this, it is a deep book that explores deep topics of faith, religion, and God to say the least. At first, it was hard for me to get past some of the metaphors in the book as they challenge what I have been taught regarding God most of my life. I did however stick it out and I'm so glad that I did! The book is a different and new, but wonderful way of understanding faith, however little or much we claim to have. I will not claim to have had a religious experience after completing the book, but I do have a clearer understanding of some things. A few "aha" moments, as Oprah would say it, maybe!
Below are some quotes from the book that spoke to me, both because of my relationship, or should I say lack of relationship with my father. I have struggled with his inability to be a decent father for most of my life. It wasn't until recently that I spoke words of forgiveness to him. I now realize, after reading this book, that true forgiveness is a process or journey. I take comfort in knowing that I have at least begun on that path.

"Let me say for now that we knew once the Creation was broken, true fathering would be much more lacking than mothering. Don't misunderstand me, both are needed-but an emphasis on fathering is necessary because of the enormity of its absence."
"Forgiveness in no way requires that you trust the one you forgive."
I encourage everyone to read "The Shack", whether it's just to see what all the hype is about or to experience the words for yourself in a deeper way.

Friday, February 27, 2009

"Let them eat cake!"

So last night I completed my Wilton Cake Decorating class. Here is a picture of our final cake featuring buttercream roses and drop flowers. Larry had some very happy co-workers when he showed up this morning to work with cake in tow!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

"Life is dessert first!!"

This is a picture of a cake that I made for a Bunco Baby Shower that I hosted last Friday evening. It was delicious! In addition to being extremely passionate about working with the Alzheimer's Association and just crazy about my kids, I'm nuts about SUGAR!! (Good thing I don't volunteer for the Diabetes Association!!) I love baking, cake decorating, candy making, and dessert making! I was so nervous over how this "baby bear" cake would turn out! I spent Thursday baking the cake and making the icing. It took me 3 hours on Friday morning to decorate it. I was so proud of how it turned out! The mother-to-be loved the cake. When we finally cut it, it was so moist and delicious. YUM!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Time flies when your a mom...

So today was picture day at Hannah's pre-school. I laid out the perfect outfit last night, complete with matching socks. (I have such a thing about that!!) This morning, she got dressed and then I fixed her hair just so with a matching pink bow. It was raining this morning so I drove her to school instead of walking. When she got home, she was so excited about the little comb and brush that the photographer gave her before her photos were taken. She told me that she was the first one in her class to have her picture taken. She then explained that she had to put a silly hat and a robe on. It took me a minute but then it dawned on me. One of the poses they did today was their pre-school graduation shots. I couldn't help but to picture her high school graduation in my mind, as it is only a matter of time. I then remembered Jacob's pre-school graduation pictures from the same school. Now, he is in the fourth grade and studying fractions. My how time flies when your a mom and you see your life through your childrens'. Maybe as the kid's get older, I will at least outgrow my matching sock fetish!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My association with the Association

As I wrote in my profile, I am extremely passionate about my volunteer work with the Alzheimer's Association and their mission. The following is a presentation that I gave a few weeks ago at a local church. It outlines how and why I became involved in this important cause.

My name is Sarah Smith and I am a volunteer with the Southeastern Virginia Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association. Currently, I am the Chair of the Peninsula Memory Walk. I am also the granddaughter of Annie Ward. My grandmother has suffered with Alzheimer's Disease for the past fourteen years. I, along with the rest of my family, have watched my grandmother go from being an independent woman who was able to cook and drive, to a woman who is now wheelchair-bound because she simply forgot how to walk. I have watched my grandmother go from a woman who loved to sit for hours at the kitchen table working on crossword puzzles, to a woman who can no longer string enough words together to hold a conversation. Sadly, I have also watched as my grandmother, a devoted mother of two and proud grandmother of three, has lost the ability to recognize her own children.
Alzheimer's is a disease of the brain that causes problems with memory, thinking, and behavior. IT IS NOT A NORMAL PART OF AGING. Every 71 seconds, someone develops Alzheimer's disease. Currently, as many as 5.2 million people in the United States are living with Alzheimer's, over 26,000 here in Southeastern Virginia. The disease is now the sixth leading cause of death. Estimates are that 10 million baby boomers will develop Alzheimer's in their lifetime. The direct and indirect costs of Alzheimer's and other related dementias to Medicare, Medicaid, and businesses amount to more than $148 billion each year.
Bearing witness to the debilitating effects Alzheimer's disease has had on my grandmother has been devastating to say the least. The worst part, however, is the feeling of helplessness that I am often left with after my visits with her. It is that feeling of helplessness that has drawn me to volunteer with the local chapter of the Alzheimer's Association. The SEVA Chapter, whose main offices is located in Norfolk, services approximately 7400 square miles of southeastern VA. For more than 20 years, this Chapter has been helping those touched by Alzheimer's and other memory-robbing disorders. The Chapter provides a variety of services including: a 24 hour Helpline, monthly support groups and orientation programs for families, educational presentations and workshops, the Safe Return Program that helps to locate lost memory-impaired individuals, a respite care program that raises funds to help subsidize the cost of in-home respite care or adult day care
The Chapter advocates on behalf of issues concering Alzheimer's disease at the state and national level. The Chapter also supports research through the National Alzheimer's Association, the largest private funder of Alzheimer's research.
I mentioned earlier that I am the Chair for the Peninsula Memory Walk. Memory Walk is the signature fundraiser for Alzheimer's Association and is held across the country every Fall. Locally, the SEVA Chapter hosts 10 Walks beginning in September through November. Memory Walk funds help the Chapter offer care, support, and education in our community. I have participated in Memory Walk for the past 3 years. It has been a way for me to help all those affected by Alzheimer's, including my grandmother. It is also a way to ensure that the dream of a world without Alzheimer's will one day be realized. In closing, let us remember those who can't and together WE WILL END ALZHEIMER'S.

I know that this is a lengthly first post but the work I do is such a big part of who I am. I am often asked if I am afraid of getting the disease since it is in my family. The answer is yes. I am terrified by the thought that I could one day forget my children. I am also shaken by the thought that one day my children my have to see my mother, their grandmother, the way I have to see my grandmother. It doesn't have to be this way. We can work together and fix this so that NO ONE ever has to lose a loved one to "the long goodbye".