Thursday, March 26, 2009

Barbie Bribery and other weapons mothers use!!

So between today and tomorrow, my "HannahBanana", has two doctor's appts. This afternoon she has an appt. with her pediatrician for her 5 year old checkup and clearance for her eye surgery next month. If I remember correctly, today's visit will require at least one shot and lucky for me, a "pee in the cup test"! Tomorrow morning, we head back to the eye doctor so that she can have her eyes dilated once more before her surgery takes place. Hannie is NOT a fan of having 5 different eye drops in each eye that make it even harder for her to see the rest of the day.
So, as of now, I'm weighing my bribery options available to mothers like me!! So far, I have considered a new Barbie for today's trauma and maybe a trip to "Chick -a-Lay-Lay" (Hannah's name for Chick-fil-A!!) after the appt. tomorrow. I do need to tread lightly though or else I risk uping the ante for her surgery next month. As of now, she has agreed to cooperate with the surgery if balloons and pizza are provided. A mighty fair request if you ask me!!
Oh, the tools mothers will employ to keep their children smiling! Truth be told, if I could, I would gladly have the shots myself, pee in the cup (talk about a cup runneth over!!), walk around with those silly sunglasses covering my dilated eyes, and have the surgery on my eyes if it would spare my little "HannahBanana".

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