Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Time flies when your a mom...

So today was picture day at Hannah's pre-school. I laid out the perfect outfit last night, complete with matching socks. (I have such a thing about that!!) This morning, she got dressed and then I fixed her hair just so with a matching pink bow. It was raining this morning so I drove her to school instead of walking. When she got home, she was so excited about the little comb and brush that the photographer gave her before her photos were taken. She told me that she was the first one in her class to have her picture taken. She then explained that she had to put a silly hat and a robe on. It took me a minute but then it dawned on me. One of the poses they did today was their pre-school graduation shots. I couldn't help but to picture her high school graduation in my mind, as it is only a matter of time. I then remembered Jacob's pre-school graduation pictures from the same school. Now, he is in the fourth grade and studying fractions. My how time flies when your a mom and you see your life through your childrens'. Maybe as the kid's get older, I will at least outgrow my matching sock fetish!!

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  1. You, ougrow your matching sock fetish!!!??? NEVER! Ha Ha Ha